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My Faith

My Statement of Faith


I believe and I respect your right to believe.



I was raised in a sometimes Catholic sometimes Baptist environment. Being in foster care, adopted, and moved about 14 times in 13 years, I developed a sense of culture and appreciation for diversity. My religious orientation is fundamentally Christian. Once I began to read the instruction manual and make my own decisions, I found that most of what I observed in others was superficial. They said to behave in one manner but were not personally held to their own beliefs.  

There is something greater. There is a reason for all of this. Any attempt by me to offer an explanation of what that is would only serve to show my ignorance and limit just how great it is. But, I believe.

I believe that Jesus walked the earth and offered his life for the greater good of all who would hear his message. I just don’t think we all hear the same message. Fortunately, I recognize that it is not my place to judge others for their faith. I just hope they afford me the same respect.

Ok, now let’s do some good in the world by making great theatre!

Shannon R. Miller 

Shannon Miller,
Mar 21, 2012, 2:28 PM