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Bid Work

There was nothing to bid for Hamlet. I am a very frugal shopper and do my best to use up all I have before making purchases. We decided to wall paper the surfaces with newspaper end rolls and wheat paste! Both were free. The local bread company donated a couple hundred pounds of flower and and the newspaper was happy to give us all the end rolls we could carry. We had a bunch of volunteers come and help for the low cost promise of pizza. It was a lot of messy fun!

However, attached is my most recent bid spec for a new ETC Ion for McNeese. Typically, I decide what is needed, research 1st choice and alternatives, solicit quotes from vendors, then draft specifications to get what we want at a price we can afford. 

I've been wanting to bulk order lumber every year since undergrad. When 50% of your budget goes for basic lumber needs, a competitive bid will give you more for less and minimize your trips to the lumber yard. -If you have a place to store it, If you have a good idea of the seasons designs in advance, and even if you don't, a ball park estimate based on the averages spent on previous seasons can still save you money in the long run. Sometimes that's hard to get by the bean counters. So, if your set budget is $1000 total, it's not really worth the leg work to bid out $500 in materials. It's best just to shop your preferred vendor.

When I began at McNeese, I was informed that the stage floor was not to be painted or screwed into. It's a very pretty high gloss blond tongue and grove pine floor. For the 1st time ever I solicited bids for 30 sheets of 4x8 3/4" b/c ply and 30 sheets of 3/4" c/d ply to implement a show deck we could paint and screw without damaging the stage. I was required to bid because of the estimated cost involved. The local lumber yard, Builder Save More, had the lowest prices + delivery. As I anticipated, they won the bid. 
3/4 b/c on 3/4 cd = 1-1/2" of show deck.
Top is offset 3.5" from the bottom to create an overlap of the bottom seam. (No paint bleed through.)

I like to establish a relationship with a local vendor and stay loyal to them. Keep the money at home when possible. It builds patrons, develops potential donors, and can also make for some very skilled volunteers.

Also attached is a wish list I developed for MMT. For me, it was a funding goal for development and from this I would have sent out for bid, less the totals.

Shannon Miller,
Mar 15, 2012, 6:40 PM
Shannon Miller,
Mar 15, 2012, 8:03 PM