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CAD Drafting

I began drafting in AutoCad with R10 around 1988 and MiniCad, now VectorWorks in the 90's. I prefer AutoCAD. However, I can work comfortably in either. I typically originate drawings in AutoCAD. If another designer sends me VectorWorks, I usually export unless it's lighting, then I affect edits as needed in VectorWorks.

Any classes I've taken in CAD were in the engineering department specific to Architectural or Mechanical engineering. I'm otherwise self taught for theatre.

Most theatre designer have their own way of doing things that they are comfortable with. My build process is very Cad inclusive for me to generate drafting for the shop. Attached are examples.

Working Drawing development for Hamlet

Just a side note, I've drawn as builts for every theatre I've ever worked in. Most of the designers I've worked for do not use CAD. I'll redraft anything as needed. For Hamlet, I drafted the design based on the model. I did preliminary drawings from the 1/4" white paper model and final drawing from the 1/2 color model. I provided lighting with a CAD Ground plan and Section.

1/4" White Model for Hamlet.

1/2" Color Model Hamlet

Shannon Miller,
Mar 15, 2012, 7:17 PM
Shannon Miller,
Mar 15, 2012, 7:29 PM