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Elevators and Set Tracking

I've previously shown elevators and tracks for Hamlet and a few winches, manual and motorized. I have repaired hydraulic lifts. I've used pneumatic pistons. 
I been intimate with the spiral lift. (I am in love with this technology!)

I discussed budgets. I discussed crew. While I enjoy tech, theatre is a human experience. I opt for people power over mechanization 98% of the time. It's cheaper, more reliable, and there's an abundance of availability.

If your stage does not have tracks built in and the actors never walk in the area a unit needs to track, a simple solution is casters and guides. I usually make mine out of MDF board and UHMW tape

MDF Track for Winter's Tale.
Intersections were filleted to allow for the slip stage caster path.
Carriage were fitted with 3 inline casters so that 2 were always in track.
The inline casters were set at 1/8 from the ground to allow for swivel casters for max mobility in off stage storage.

But if you really want to get fancy you can always make it remote control!

PWM DC servo and RC control for
Theatre West Virginia
p.s. I own my own set of drives and controls.

Or make a line following robot.

If you got lots and lots of money, Stage Technologies will take care of you.