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Flow Chart

I make a lot of things for the theatre: drafting, calendars, weekly schedules, budgets, scenery... I've never created a flow chart. However, in class I teach a few. The exercise is purely academic and provides a general visualization of work flow.

Since they are not mine, I'll not post. But, you can refer to them in Theatre Design and Production by J. Michael Gillette.

Organization of Scene Shop, Material in -> Product Out.

Production Organization, Top Down

The Design Process: Commitment, Analysis, Research, Incubation, Selection, Implementation, Evaluation

Anecdotally, Utah Shakespeare Festival, 1995, at our 1st day crew orientation, Production Manager Kelly Allison showed us an organizational flow chart. At the end of his explanation, he rolled the chart into a tube and rotated it. He said this is how it works. We are all working together toward a common goal. Every part is essential to the successful operation of the whole. I support that.

From an engineering point of view, I've enjoyed several flow charts for electrical/mechanical operations.
And from a computer software perspective, any number of If, Then, Else operations.