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Good and Bad Choices.

I'm not sure what to say. Theatre is a collaborative art. Design while artistic is very much a process. You are presented with challenges and you work to solve the problems. I do my best to always walk away happy from every show. Sure, things get tense and sometimes emotions come in to play. I really try to avoid interpersonal conflict. But where it rears it's ugly head, I give it my all to solve that challenge as with anything technical. But, some circumstances are beyond my control. I had several great shows and met wonderful people while a MMT. Sadly the theatre was failing. The crew was struggling with being understaffed, over worked, and underpaid. They lost a lot of love. I came in from the outside with a fresh pair of eyes and exuberance. It was not enough to overcome the pessimism and resentment many had settled into. I chose not to renew my contract and moved on. The theatre closed its doors soon after.

But, I am not without failure.
I built a slip stage for Winters Tale. Kids are a lot less strong these days.
We didn't want to see crew. I got stuck on this solution.

From Stephen Judd-

We had several knotty problems during my time here. One of the most
interesting was a large wagon platform for our production of Winter’s Tale that had to
move upstage and downstage in order to (in sequence) be a 15’0 x 17’0 landing, become
a step, and to disappear under another platform (necessitating a 15’0 span that had to
have close to 0% deflection) and reappear again. Oh, and did I mention there was a small
pool within the platform that had to disappear and become a walk surface – and that all
changes had to be performed without visible technicians?

Shannon managed to meet all challenges, including motorizing the unit from the trap
room. He did this on a very low budget. Although lack of money meant the final solution
didn’t completely happen until the tech-dress, Shannon hung in there and solved the
problem despite many extra hours of labor, thought, and tinkering.

Winter's Tale
Slip Stage with sliding pool cover.
0% deflection bridge,
And SR-SL tracked carriages upstage.