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Interesting Problems

Hamlet Challenges:
#1 Bob does not draft and Bob (by his own claim) is too old to be up ladders painting scenery.
    -Solution, I will draft in CAD Plan,Section, and Elevation from models and send drafts to lighting. Find a Scenic Artist (SM's Fiance).

#2 Quick Build Schedule with overlaps.
    -Solution, I will work around the clock and solicit volunteers with the promise of Pizza.

#3 Shop Crew= Technical Director, Shop Foreman, Master Carpenter, and 2 part time interns split between 3 productions at once.
    -Solution, volunteers and extra hours.

#4 Scenic Texture, (something rotten in Denmark is literally rotting the paint off the walls)
    -Free News Paper End Rolls and Wheat Paste 

#5 Budget, Do more with less. The theatre is facing financial difficulty (closed it's doors soon after).
    -Cut cost by using scrap and busted down old set pieces from warehouse. Surfaces will be trashed due to scenic texture. Spend $ on flown units.

These units show misc old stuff re-purposed for the set. The flown walls are all new construction. (safe, sturdy, low profile)

#6 Scrap lumber engineering
This Large Medallion flew in during the fight, 2 attendants clipped in trip lines, then it flew out to become a chandelier.
It's all random scrap lumber.

Scrap Lumber makes up a simple step unit.
I love these!

I built a 20' scaffold from lighting inventory pipe and rotolocks
for us to paper the walls up and for the scenic artist.

#7 Static Scenery, Flown Units (straight and articulated), Tracked Units, and a Stage Elevator (Ghost, Grave, and it fogged)

The Theatre stage was equipped with embedded tracks and manual winches.
They'd not be used in a while. Once I located all the parts I was able to fabricate
scenic carries and blades to attach to the "two towers" which moved SR-SL
independently to re-frame the stage or flank the flown walls.
The Ghost needs to disappear and Ophelia needs a grave.
This is my simple elevator design. Carriage, Track, Pulleys, Winch.
I drilled hole downstage of the unit and attach a fogger for the ghosts.
The plastic inside is vinyl trim corner pieces. Cheap and smooth.

When the medallion became a chandelier, they wanted to light through it.
1st we tried a fresnel, then an ERS. After a bit of head scratching I suggested
we try the Image Pro we purchased for another show. Initially met with there
was no time to order a slide kit, I answers it with laser printer and transparency
with some double stick tape.
It worked.