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Teaching Statement

My Teaching Philosophy


I did not get to be me by my faculty doing all the work.


I have a resume, portfolio, reputation, and career. In an academic setting, I am there to share these, my experience and knowledge, though positive guidance and mentoring. I believe in providing a production environment in an educational setting were we are able to instruct the students through the successful completion of actualized, realized, works. First, they must prove their commitment through paper projects. Second, they must demonstrate they're dedicated in the production environments for show prep and run of show. Third, they are given responsibilities and are mentored through a process. Through each step, I offer lecture and demonstration to acquire basic competencies. Positive reinforcement builds aptitude. I recognize and reward good work with more work. I evaluate and give advice where I believe there needs to be improvement. By graduation, the successful student should be able to work well in a professional environment and meet the qualifications for graduate school. Though, it is my preference they test their skills in other environments before committing to graduate school. But the end result of whether or not they move to New York to become U.S.A. designers, I.A.T.S.E. technicians, or even actors and directors is not my goal. I simply desire the students to find their passion and I give them the support they need to have real confidence in their abilities to achieve whatever they put their minds to.

It is through my achievements in theatre technical design production and management that I have developed a sense of personal satisfaction for anything I’ve contributed. For that, I am always willing to serve a supporting role in a student production assignment, just as my faculty did for me.

Shannon Miller,
Mar 21, 2012, 2:25 PM